you make me fly. you make me cry. ‘cus you’re an angel!"


>”Hocks” Update: Definitely a great idea! Go Liz! The bites on my hands and wrists, due to the nighttime pests, has greatly decreased. But when my earplugs fall out in the middle of the night, removal of the hand socks and re-hocking is kind of annoying.

My new favorite pick-up line from Liz’s student learning the conjugations for “to fly”: “You make me fly…You make me cry…’Cus you’re an angel!” (Not delivered to me…but if it were…I’d be a goner! : ))

My favorite writing exercise quote: “I’m a Haitian because I am a black boy.”

Yesterday morning I did a couple hours worth of hand shriveling laundry. It’s always a pain to do, but when it’s all done, it does feel like an accomplishment. In the afternoon, Liz and I went to a wedding with Nadege. It was interesting…yet confusing. First, a woman wearing a fancy silver dress walked in. Both of us thought: “Ok, so maybe the bride opted out of white.” But then the bridesmaids in violet started walking in. Confusion. Then a woman in white gown and tiara came walking in. Both of us thought: “Ok, so this is the bride.” Nope. Wait. Everyone stands up and the actual bride, also wearing a white gown and a tiara with a veil, comes walking in with her father. Confusion! After all of that, I’m not really sure what happened. I couldn’t see over heads very well and I couldn’t understand anyway. So, anyway, it was interesting to see what a wedding here is like…it’s confusing for us Americans!!!

Just recently, Liz and I had an “episode.” Both of us detest spiders, but they keep showing up above our beds. We pulled out the paper towels with the determination to take care of business ourselves. We even sang “Eye of the Tiger” to pump ourselves up! When the radio turned on, Shania Twain’s “From this Moment” provided a less inspiring background. First, the spider above my bed moved when I went to crush it and I started screaming and almost fell off the bed. Liz put socks on her hands and was ready to get her monster of a spider. That was also a disaster. It started running along the wall and we were both screaming our lungs out, me running out of the room with tears running down my face laughing and searching for someone else that could do the job for us. Claudmay, Nadege, and Mani just laughed at us and got them all down with a broom. Wow. Us “blans” can’t do anything! I’m cracking up as I type this just remembering how ridiculous the whole situation was.

That’s about it for our wild, crazy, and embarrassing adventures…for now. School tomorrow. Wednesday is the one year anniversary of the earthquake, so I’m sure it’ll be a tough day for everyone here. Keep Haiti in your thoughts.

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