mwen te rive nan ayiti (I arrived in Haiti)


>I arrived yesterday morning safe and sound.

It was a long night though…and day for that matter, with the lack of sleep. We left for Long beach airport at 6:30 last night. I had never been there before and it was kind of crazy busy. But, I got on the plane and headed for Fort Lauderdale. In Fort Lauderdale I had to claim my bags and recheck them and I had no idea how heavy they were. Of course I had to walk to a different terminal where I faced more frustration. Spirit made me buy a return ticket (for March) which means I will lose another 11o dollars. Of course, if I hadn’t lost my FFP badge the day I left, I might have been able to avoid that. Then the security line went wound wayyy around the corner and I wasn’t sure I would make my flight…I did. I stayed awake for both flights, so I was exhausted. When I arrived in Port-au-Prince, I warded off all the people trying to take my bags (to carry them out for money) and waited for Valentin in the scorching sun for a while. We ran a couple errands and then went back to wait for Liz to arrive. I slept about 30 minutes in the car waiting, which would be my only sleep for 36 hours. When we came back to the house, Stellecy was very excited for us to be back…and to be able to watch herself dance in front of our mirror again. The stuffed caterpillar my mom got her caused her to scream and run away, though. We set up all our stuff and are now happy to not have to live out of suitcases for the next 8 months. Liz and I reunited with the awesome roof and vibrant stars that we just can’t see from our respective light and smog polluted cities. Too bad we weren’t here for the lunar eclipse a couple of nights ago.

Sleep came easily last night. And, unfortunately, I slept until 11pm…I guess that’s only 8am San Diego time. But that means that there is only a few more hours of sunlight. I had my first ice cold shower since I’ve been back…that was lovely…psych! Also, the mosquitoes bites are just great to have again. They seem to have enjoyed feasting on my arms, hands, and fingers last night. But, all those little complaints whined about, I’m glad to be back in the great country.

I have no idea what the plans are today, so we’ll see. I’ll let you know if there are any interesting New’s Years festivities that occur.

Missing everyone already! ❤

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