tuesday and wednesday: december 6 and 7


>I had under four hours of sleep when we left Santo Domingo at 5:30am Tuesday morning. The car battery overheated and smoke came out of the radio, Valentin was harassed by Dominican cops, and we had some trouble with customs at the border, but we made it home safely. Because the election results were scheduled to be announced at 2pm, we stayed home and I took a nap instead.

Last night it was announced that Celestin and Manigat will participate in a runoff election. There was a call for demonstrations and it was answered. This morning we went up to the roof and we could see black and white smoke in every direction we looked. People are burning tires on the roads and who knows what else. We have not left the house, so we are safe. Don’t worry! Unfortunately, Betsy and Josh were supposed to fly in, but their flight was canceled. Corey, Luke’s boss, is driving to Santo Domingo tomorrow to be able to fly out. Pretty crazy stuff happening here. But, this morning, we played 2×2 soccer within the gates of the house and have spent the rest of the day doing a puzzle. We’re trying to finish it by candlelight tonight. All in all, it was a pretty fun day even though what is happening outside of our walls is far from it.

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  1. >As sad/depressed as I am to not have been able to come, I really feel for the people that are so upset. The obvious failure to provide a reasonably fair election process upsets me too. There should probably be a run-off between 5-6 candidates at least.

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