tuesday’s classroom quotes


>Straly: (after I call a student by the wrong name)
“You shouldn’t forget Nadia. She has an amputation.”

Lyonel: (as I was trying to end a class early because Valentin didn’t want to drive in the dark)
“The class is not satisfied. The time is small.”

Liz: (I hear from a few rooms down: “Every thirty days, a woman…”)
(Liz runs past classroom)
In car report- the student asked what sounded like “what is menstruate?”Liz attempts an explanation with hand motions then runs to Valentin to find out how to say the word in French. She runs back to her classroom to write it on the board and give a more thorough explanation. Class confused and taken aback. Student restates the question as asking for the pronunciation of “Main Street.”

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  1. >How can you just completely forget someone that's had an appendage removed? ;-)Always satisfy classes. Preferably use big times. ;-)She should have stuck to her guns & insisted that the streets are named in honor of the biological process that keeps the human animal thriving on this planet! 😉

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