sunday: october 31st (Republica Dominicana)


>The internet is down at the house, so Liz and I are sitting at Krispy Kreme (no, that is not a typo) using their wi-fi…located directly next door to the Burger King.

With the group gone, I now have much more time on my hands. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and playing with little Michael. Yesterday I watched the British version of “The Office,” which was pretty hilarious, with Kristin. With the internet down, there is even more time to kill. I suppose I spend most of my time scratching my numerous mosquito bites and applying Calamine lotion. They wake me up in the middle of the night. Just thinking about it now is making me itch!

The kitten in the house, la gatita, is my new friend. She is just thrilled to get the attention. And the dog, Luna, has a horny boyfriend who hangs around all the time. We had an incident when the group was here where they were getting busy in the middle of the night (through the fence) and making a lot of noise. Apparently, Terri Jo tried to pull them apart, but it took Fernellis throwing a bucket of water on them to end the love-making. Perros en amor. It makes me sad how skinny el novio de Luna is, though.

Hopefully we can get the internet back up soon.

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  1. >Hey, Andrea it's Cristina! I was an intern down there this summer. Hope you are having a good time, boredom and all šŸ™‚ That is hilaaaaarious about the dogs lol

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