sunday: october 24th (Republica Dominicana)


>I have arrived in the Dominican Republic.

After an interesting experience last night, I got a row to myself and about 3 hours of sleep. I awoke in Boston and ran into the embrace of my love, Marlie! We got a workout lugging my bags all around the city, but I was able to see her apartment, enjoy the views of the city, and best of all, spend time with my best friend before I had to leave.

This second flight was an improvement in that I was able to remain in my seat, but I was sat next to a mother with two shrieking children. Cute doesn’t always get you off the hook babies. The airport in Santo Domingo was much nicer than the image I had in my mind. I guess I pictured something just slightly improved from Port-au-Prince chaos, but it was very orderly, modern, and air-conditioned! I am ashamed that my Spanish has all but disappeared. Three years just didn’t seem to do the job. Oh, and where do I live? That’s right…San Diego! No Spanish speakers there, eh? I think I speak more Creole now than I remember Spanish.

Liz and JJ picked me up from the airport. The driving is crazy here, too, but at least there are designated lanes and fully paved roads. The ocean is gorgeous, the palm trees majestic, and the music more than lively.

There is a group of 8 here until Friday doing some sort of water system, so it is a little crammed in my room, but then it’ll free up. I get top bunk. The music is so loud that sleep is questionable, but by the current drooping of my eyelids as I type, far from out of the question.

It is very hot/humid…as was to be expected. It is the Caribbean after all. Like Haiti, I took a shower and dried off to feel like another was just about necessary. And then I stubbed my toe moving my luggage around and had blood dripping all over. Hopefully that nail hangs on. Nice. You’ll be happy to know that a little gauze and tape seemed to get the bleeding under control. (Is the the sort of thing I’m supposed to write about in my blog? Apparently this is the uncut edition that you signed on to.)

That’s it for now. The rest of the group is still out at Church, so I should be meeting them shortly.

Love you all.

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