ayewopo fun!


>And the adventures begin!

Bags checked, security cleared, boarding accomplished. I sat in my back row window seat on my 8:47pm flight to NY JFK watching GolTV and waited for the plane to take off. All the bags were loaded and passengers seated. That was when the lady in the yellow “if you don’t see me now you’re blind” vest came up to me and the woman in the same row and asked for proof that we were returning to the US. Of course no one told me this was necessary when I booked my one-way flight to Santo Domingo. The woman next to me was able to prove residence at her destination, but I was escorted off the plane, trying to ignore the heads turning and eyes glaring at the girl who delayed take-off. After a little time to pull myself together and wrap my mind around the whole thing, and a good amount of time leaning up against the ticket counter, we were able to switch my flight to a 10:15 to Boston. I just had to book a flight from Haiti to Florida to have proof that I’ll be coming back, even if it is likely I’ll have to cancel it and lose a chunk of cash (0f course, the wifi connection timed out on me right when I hit the “reserve flight” button the first time…but a location change and another attempt did the trick.) The 6 hour layover in Boston will allow me to see my best friend, Marlie…YAY!

And that is where I am right now. Pulled off my plane, sitting on the awkward gate chair, hoping I can get a hold of someone at Foundation for Peace in the morning about my ride in Santo Domingo, and longing for a whole row to myself to stretch out and catch a few z’s.

What a way to start off the trip, right? Never a dull moment here!

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